Homage to the Clever Country

Telstra features Donald Horne in a new press campaign that sees the advertiser shift from telco to a technology company.

Intellectual Donald Horne is the star of Telstra’s new Clever Australians campaign that emphasises the company’s shift from a telco to a broad-based information, communications and technology company. Telstra-clever-australia-donald-horne-article

The campaign, which will run predominantly in print, online and at airports, kicks off with an ad celebrating Horne, the author of The Lucky Country, who died in 2005. It notes that while Horne saw Australia’s luck vested in nature’s gifts, the nation had since become a cradle for technological and other innovation.

The first ad calls for companies to join in the Clever Australians campaign. “We believe in the clever Australian and we want to create partnerships that ensure Australian thinking and skills remain in demand the world over,” the ad says.

The visual is an image of Horne formed by a group of students standing randomly in a university quadrangle.

The campaign targets business and enterprise. But the company hopes the celebration of clever Australians will resonate with consumers as well.

It is hoped that the campaign will start a conversation about cleverness and the skills and level of entrepreneurial talent in Australia.

The Clever Australians campaign echoes the brand’s 1990s celebration of Aussie inventors and thinkers.

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