Huge print catalogue for Qantas passengers

Huge print catalogue for Qantas passengers

Thousands of digital newspaper and magazine titles will be made available free to Qantas passengers in-flight on their digital devices, thanks to a partnership with global publishing platform PressReader.

Newspapers across Australia and the world will be some of the almost 4,000 publications passengers will be able to access from PressReader through the Qantas app.

“This service is highly personalized to the individuals’ interests rather than what the airline chooses for reading material,” PressReader spokeswoman Kristin Eberth said.

“It’s like having thousands of titles in your carry-on without the additional weight.”

Titles will be made available for free download 12 hours before the flight is due to depart so users can load up on reading material.

“We were very cognizant of the challenges airlines face with respect to cost-reduction and service enhancements, so we developed a model that was geared specifically to them by leveraging airline apps, websites, lounges and loyalty programs, and by doing so we were very confident the model would work,” Ms Eberth said.

PressReader hosts digital facsimiles of newspapers and magazines from 100 countries in more than 60 languages.

“We’re experiencing tremendous growth,” PressReader chief commercial officer Igor Smirnoff said in a statement.

“In recent months, we’ve added more than 1000 publications to our … offering. PressReader is fast becoming a must-have travel companion, so we hope Qantas customers enjoy it.”

The updated app is pending approval from the Apple’s App Store and should be available for both iOS and Android within a fortnight.

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