INMA video: Washington Post in Bezos era

INMA video: Washington Post in Bezos eraWashington Post president Steve Hills

Everyone’s talking about what Amazon co-founder, Jeff Bezos, is up to at The Washington Post. Watch a video of the full presentation that his president, Steve Hills, gave at the recent INMA World Congress to see how the tech world does media transformation.

Mr Hills says a “transformation through engineering” is under way at The Post with developers working side-by-side with journalists.

“The new world is engineers and editors, or engineers and ad sales executives, sitting together and co-developing products,” Mr Hills told the INMA World Congress in New York. “The ideas are as likely to come from the engineers as they are for the editors. That allows speed.”

If demands for new products or new designs were “thrown over the wall” to a separate, subservient team of software engineers, “you are not going to attract the kind of engineers who are truly world-class.”

Mr Hills named video as a “huge untapped opportunity”. While the ad spend had yet to catch up with the required investment, it would eventually.

The Post is currently testing an alternative website designs based on its successful app for the Amazon Fire tablet, which features bold headline typefaces and powerful photography. Readers scroll sideways through content and one story takes up an entire page at a time.

Publishers and web designers had considered responsive designs to be good enough for any platform, Mr Hills said, but that is increasingly being proven not to be true.

“We are designing responsively, but you need a different design for a watch than for a giant screen.

“You have to design appropriately for each of the ways consumers are going to get their content.”

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