JMo drops in to give young creatives the word

Integrity is essential to all kinds of journalism, from politics to entertainment, Daily Telegraph entertainment editor Jonathon Moran told a room of young media agency employees this week.

Mr Moran was a guest of NGEN, an initiative of the Media Federation of Australia, to encourage and educate up-and-comers with less than five years of experience in media and advertising through a variety of events and activities. The Newspaper Works is an industry partner of NGEN.

“Even though I do fun stories about reality TV and things like that, I treat my stories with the same respect as I would a finance story or working in the Press Gallery in Canberra or doing an interview with the Prime Minister,” Mr Moran said.

“That’s the core thing to what you do with newspaper journalism – it’s different [to other news sources].”

The rise of blogging and the line between journalism and content marketing were also up for discussion with the young audience keen to pick Mr Moran’s brains.

“When I’m reading with my bacon and eggs on a Saturday morning, I’m reading differently to how I would on the way to work,” Mr Moran said of the engagement offered by print. “On my phone, I’d click to close the ads – they’re just in the way. In the paper, the other day I was cutting out Commonwealth Bank ads because they had Kerri-Anne Kennerley in them.”

The Newspaper Works insights consultant Adrian Fernandes also showcased the new brand campaign by the four big newspaper publishers, Influential by Nature.

Check out the gallery above of the day at the Dunkirk Hotel in Pyrmont, Sydney.

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