Krispy Kreme sticky notes promo

Krispy Kreme used sticky-notes for a promotional campaign with outstanding results.

Krispy Kreme sought to raise awareness of their online delivery service. In December 2008, Krispy Kreme placed a sticky-note on the front cover of a metropolitan newspaper directing readers to their advertisement on page 3, which offered one dozen free doughnuts with every order of two dozen or more.

Big results don’t always begin with big media

Small, simple, but extremely effective, advertising on a sticky-note proved not only to be a great way to get attention for the product, it also generated great results:

  • The ad reached 667,000* readers; 91,000 of which were the target market of Melbourne CBD readers
  • 7.3% of the target market responded to call to action by visiting website (1% is the norm for direct mail promotions)
  • Orders on the day increased thirteen-fold over the previous week

For more information, and to contact the newspaper, download the case study below.

Krispy Kreme article


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