Leggos Valentine’s Day

Testing showed that this ad from Leggo's made a successful link between the product and the topicality of Valentine's Day.

Key findingsLeggos Valentine's Day

  • The creative was received very positively by respondents, achieving strong scores for diagnostics such as “Great photo/image” and “Catches my eye”.
  • The ad helped increase respondents affinity and drive reappraisal towards Leggo’s and was considered to be amongst the most ‘clever’ ads we’ve tested within the FMCG category.
  • Respondents found the ad to be relevant and differentiating for the category and as a result there was a strong purchase intention demonstrated via ActionMap.
  • Verbatim response was positive overall, with some comments suggesting the ad being linked to Valentine’s Day was limiting for the brand, and should encompass more opportunities to use the pasta sauce. Perhaps this could be the start of a tactical newspaper strategy!
  • All in all, we consider this a strong example of how timely and topical placement in newspapers coupled with strong creative, can provide a boost to your brand.

Download full results in the document below.