Let’s get creative again, says News chairman

News Corp Australasia executive chairman Michael Miller has called for a new mindset by business to restore Australia’s mantle as the clever country.

News Corp Australia executive

News Corp Australasia executive chairman Michael Miller.

Mr Miller, the chairman of NewsMediaWorks, told The Australian’s Creative Country conference yesterday that too many business leaders thought short-term and needed to adopt the attitude of  a start-up entrepreneur.

“Creativity is a necessity of any business success story and cannot be bound by stereotypes,” he said.

“Corporate Australia doesn’t have to throw out the board table to drive innovation. Nor should it outsource it. We are still the clever country. Some of the greatest technical, medical and product ­innovations have come from Australia, but I’d argue we’ve let creativity slide to the periphery of our thinking. It needs to be front and centre again.”

Mr Miller observed that the global financial crisis had made businesses overly cautious, but this attitude needed to be discarded for creativity to succeed.

“For Australia to truly be a creative country, we need to recognise the power of creativity within big companies and be far better at unlocking it. We must be careful that structure and process does not strangle it,” he said.

“Irrespective of size, successful organisations are those that generate the clever thinking that changes behaviour: ideas that engage an audience and provoke a response; ideas which lead to enhanced customer experience and, at best, create new markets; those ideas which generate products or services that customers never knew they needed.”

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