Live Entertainment

We look at the live entertainment industry sector in Australia, outlining key market indicators and growth areas. The data is designed to enhance the interaction between account managers at newspaper publishers and their direct clients and advertising agencies.

Live Entertainment

News publishers have had a long and successful relationship with the live entertainment sector, providing a large and engaged audience in both print and digital platforms.

A key to sustaining these trusted commercial relationships is to identify and keep pace with key industry dynamics that can affect an advertiser’s marketplace, and their performance within it.

In these slides, we have identified market size, dominant players and industry sector trends. Each of these elements influences the needs of the client, as well as their challenges and opportunities.

Allied to this data, information has been provided on the relevant performance of news publishers in both print and digital formats, including a focus on mobile platforms because of their increasing influence on advertising decision-making.

Our aim is to provide a top-level view of the penetration and power of newspaper media to solve marketing challenges with audience engagement.

This story of engagement and influence, however, will mean so much more with the inclusion of a company or masthead’s own narrative of how it might craft marketing solutions with their products and services across multiple publishing platforms.


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