Local ads a key ingredient for supermarkets

Regional and community newspapers provide supermarkets with an effective vehicle to support national advertising campaigns on a local level.

The battle for shoppers is often fought at a local level. The main supermarket players compete in regional Australia just as aggressively as they do in the cities.

Perceptions of supermarkets change depending on location, according to emma data. These graphs illustrate how attitudes towards Woolworths, Coles and Aldi differ in the NSW regional centres of Wollongong and Newcastle.

Newcastle Wollongong

The German discounter, Aldi, is perceived to offer the best value for money in Wollongong, while Woolworths take that mantle in Newcastle.

Locals in Wollongong feel Woolworths is better located than competitors but Aldi and Coles are seen to be more convenient in Newcastle.

These differing attitudes encourage supermarkets to support national campaigns with local advertising, and regional and community newspapers provide the ideal vehicle.

The Newspaper Works’ Local Newspaper Report presents detailed insights into the positive impact that advertising in regional and community newspapers has on reader perceptions of advertisers. It shows advertising in local newspapers has a greater impact than other local media and enhances brand affinity.

The research shows 57% of readers feel more positive about a store or business that advertises in their local paper.

Readers are more than twice as positive towards advertisers in regional newspapers than those featuring on local TV (24%), local radio (25%), and letterbox flyers and catalogues (18%).

Community newspapers also significantly outperform other local media, such as letterbox material (18%) and local radio (15%).

Their readers are three times more likely (46%) to keep details of a local newspaper ad than they are a catalogue or letterbox flyer (14%).

For more information on how local newspaper advertising benefits retailers, download a copy of our report here.



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