McDonalds McCafe

This newspaper ad from McDonald's, devoid of PR spin and ad-talk, scored highly on Re-Appraisal.

Key findings:McDonalds McCafe

  • This ad from McCafe has performed very effectively against our key brand and action metrics
  • While the creative does not have universal appeal, the ‘honest and genuine’ approach has been very successful at delivering a message to encourage a rethinking of the offering
  • At the time of testing, this ad entered our Top 5 for significant performance against Re-appraisal
  • This ad is a great example of how using an atypical approach and reducing the marketing ‘spin’, can cut through, differentiate and gain good feelings about the brand
  • It certainly looks as if the strategy to address quality perceptions for McCafe coffee is on target to be effetcive
  • Report from Capstar Blue released September 01, 2011 with respondents positioning McCafe as their #1 preferred coffee chain, shows this strategy has been highly successful

Download full results in the document below.