Medibank Private Pet Insurance

This press ad helped Medibank Private achieve a key point of differentiation from other insurance brands.

Key findings

  • The ad helped Medibank Private generate a key point of difference from other medibank-pet-may-articleinsurance brands.
  • Creative performed well against all positive metrics with respondents agreeing it ‘looks good’, ‘has a great photo’ and ‘highlights an important feature’.
  • A very high majority of respondents were able to comprehend the key message of this ad, even without being able to identify the brand.
  • The ad outperformed on Role Map norms across 5 of 6 metrics with high scores for AffinityPublic Agenda and Re-appraisal; an important result that encourages brand consideration.
  • The ad encourages ‘remembering for later’ (for when the product becomes more relevant to individual respondents) and Word of Mouth. Web search and intention to visit the store are in line with averages.

Download full results of Medibank Private Pet Insurance June 2011 Creative Benchmarking research below.