NewsMediaWorks is an industry group that represents newspapers in the Asia-Pacific region.

It has a participant base consisting of more than 1000 newspapers and websites across the region. This includes every significant newspaper in Australia and New Zealand, as well as most English-language newspapers in South-East Asia and the South Pacific.

We also have 90 subscribers who are suppliers and partners of the industry. They are from both the Pacific region, North America and Europe.

A not-for-profit organisation, our industry group seeks to connect its members and subscribers with the world’s best industry practice through an exceptional program of events and information and to promote awareness and understanding of newspapers within the community.

Among our activities:

  • Conferences
  • Skills-based master classes and workshops
  • Publishing: Quarterly newspaper – The Bulletin, weekly industry news email, website – updated daily
  • Media Research and Resources
  • Advocacy
  • Awards: Newspaper of the Year Awards (inc. Photography and Printing) as well as the Advertising & Marketing Awards