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Canada - New player, WIND Mobile uses newspaper advertising to successfully differentiate their brand and sell key messages in a highly competitive market.

Marketing challenge

A new and unknown player, Wind Mobile was launching into the wireless carrier marketplace in Canada. It needed to build its brand awareness quickly to garner interest and customers.

Advertisinng objective

To build awareness for the brand name, Wind Mobile, as well as communicate its unique brand positioning in its key launch markets of Toronto and Calgary before launching across the country.

Why use newspaper advertising?

Wind Mobile positioning would be different than its competitors. It determined what Canadians found annoying with their current wireless carriers and offered the solution. It would offer price-competitive service. And it would do this with few additional fees, contracts and penalties.

At launch, it needed to communicate this positioning broadly and quickly – so it determined that newspapers would be used right from the start. Cinema and online including newspaper site advertising were also used to further support the communication. Out of home advertising was used to a limited extent.

Creative concept

The advertising was designed to communicate the positioning in a fun yet irreverent manner. This would allow Wind Mobile to position itself as a different kind of wireless carrier.


A study was undertaken by Totum Research in Calgary, one of the launch markets. The kick-off was tracked. The key media of newspaper, online and cinema ads were noted by Canadians.

Newspapers and online effectively built awareness for the brand. Further, Newspapers and online advertising demonstrated they can effectively deliver Wind Mobile’s key messages.


Given this is launch campaign, the most impressive piece is how quickly Wind Mobile was indicated as “the first choice if I was in the market for a new cellular phone”. Those that saw the newspaper and online advertising were three times as likely to choose Wind Mobile as their first choice than those not exposed.

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