Facebook confesses to more errors

Facebook confesses to more errorsFacebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has revealed “misallocations” in several responses to live video and promised to improve how it calculates the reach of advertising on its platform.

Changes of up to 500 per cent in ‘Reactions’ – such as, include Likes and emotions such as Angry and Haha – to live streamed video are being calibrated after error was found.

Advertisers should expect a 10 per cent increase or decrease in the audience estimate provided when they book a campaign. This is a result of methodology change designed to improve accuracy and better account for audiences across multiple platforms, such as Facebook-owned Instagram.

It is the third recent mea culpa from Facebook over reporting.

The news was announced in the second post of Facebook’s “Metric’s FYI” blog, which was launched last month to offer more transparency to ad performance claims after the company was found to overstate video metrics.

Multiple reactions per user during live broadcast were attributed to the “Reactions from Shares of Post” column rather than the “Reactions on Post” column of the live video analytics panel.

The blog previously disclosed measurement errors regarding organic reach and time spent on its Instant Articles feature.

The expected latest fix will on average increase “Reactions on Post” by 500 per cent and decrease “Reactions from Shares of Post” by 25 per cent.

“Note that total counts were and are correct; some of them were just captured in the wrong reporting column when broken out,” Facebook said.

Facebook is also investigating a discrepancy in the number of like and shares reported when a URL is entered into the search bar of the Facebook mobile app.

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