More readers consume news on mobile: emma

Newspaper media is reaching more consumers, with mobile readership continuing to rise, according to the latest Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (emma) data.

The July figures reveal that newspaper media reached 16.3 million Australians over the four-week period, with an increase of 3 per cent in digital readership year-to-year.

Over the period, nine in 10 consumers aged 14 and over read newspaper content in print or digital formats.

Mobile readership, in particular, grew 18 per cent (up 476,000) year-on-year, and reached 3.1 million consumers over the four week period.

The Newspaper Works chief executive Mark Hollands believes this growth signifies the important role of mobile in distributing news.

“The continued growth in mobile audience illustrates that the influence of newspaper journalism is transcending traditional media channels,” he said.

“The quality of this audience is an important facet of the value newspaper media brings to advertisers.”

Mobile newspaper content is particularly popular amongst high earners with a salary $120,000+ per year, consumers who manage their household budget, and online shoppers.

However, despite the growth in mobile, print is still the main source of news for most readers, with 13.8 million consumers picking up a newspaper in July.

In the last four weeks surveyed, two thirds of consumers living in a city read a print metro newspaper. Regional newspapers attracted an audience of 3.2 million, while suburban newspapers reached 5 million readers in the past month.

Digital readership also grew 3 per cent year-on-year to 11.6 million.

The Sydney Morning Herald has the highest readership across all platforms, reaching a total audience of 5.15 million. Following close behind is The Daily Telegraph, with 4.2 million readers, and the Herald Sun 3.96 million.

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