mX app to close with paper

mX app to close with paper

The mX app will shut down at the same time as the commuter daily on June 12, a spokesman for News Corp Australia has confirmed.

The publisher announced yesterday that the newspaper would close because readers have moved to digital platforms for entertainment during their commute.

mX had relaunched its app in March to coincide with a redesign of the paper. It was a ground-up revamp of the original mX app, which won Best App or Mobile Site at last year’s PANPA Awards .

“We started with a blank piece of paper and asked, if we were to design an app for an 18- to 34-year-old audience, what would we have?” publisher Tamara Oppen said at the time.

The redesign was seen as a way to drive commuters to mX instead of the other digital platforms vying for their attention.

“Killing time waiting for buses and trains is typically a time people would jump onto Facebook – we’re hoping they’ll now jump onto the app,” Ms Oppen said.

The only advertising on the app is native content.

News Corp Australia did not disclose whether the app had been as successful as hoped.

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