New industry analyses for sales teams

A new initiative has been launched by The Newspaper Works this week, publishing analyses of key sectors of the economy to help publisher sales teams stay up to date with market trends that affect major advertisers.

Seven industry sectors feature in the first tranche of work that is now available on the industry body website

The Newspaper Works chief executive Mark Hollands said the analyses were a response to recent research conducted by the organisation in which media buyers and direct clients said the most important factor in a commercial relationship was understanding the relevant category or marketplace.

Mr Hollands said the analyses, which can be downloaded as Powerpoint slides, would be regularly updated and improved based on feedback from publisher members and media agency colleagues.

The research team of Brian Rock and Adrian Fernandes will cover more verticals in the coming weeks, segmenting key categories such as travel (overseas and domestic) and manufacturers/dealers in the automotive sector.

The market verticals covered in the first release are:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Retail & Supermarkets
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Real Estate; and
  • Sport

Each industry sector will address key factors such as:

  • Market size
  • Leading trends within each industry sector
  • Key market segments within each sector (e.g. overseas / domestic travel)
  • Major Players
  • Top-Selling Products /Services
  • Typical Buyer Purchase Habits
  • How Newspaper Media Influences
  • Propensity of Our Audience to Buy

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