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The Newspaper Works has been officially rebranded as NewsMediaWorks, reflecting the changing nature of the news media industry and the diversification of publishers’ revenue streams.

The rebrand was announced by NewsMediaWorks chairman Michael Miller yesterday along with the launch of the News Media Index, a quarterly index of all print, digital and whole-of-industry revenue.

“The new name signals ongoing co-operation and momentum within the news media sector and changes the conversation as publishers diversify their revenues and commercial partnerships,” Mr Miller said.

“NewsMediaWorks more accurately represents the relationship multimedia news brands have with consumers as well as the integrated offering and unique environment available to advertising partners.”

The NewsMediaWorks advocates across a spectrum of commercial and editorial areas on behalf of the news publishing industry.

The organisation was established in 2006 and later amalgamated the Newspaper Publishers’ Association, PANPA, the Publishers National Environment Bureau and the Publishers Advertising Advisory Bureau.

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