News accuses Mail Online of ‘pilfering content’

News accuses Mail Online of ‘pilfering content’This is the second accusation of plagiarism against Mail Online by the Daily Telegraph.

Accusations of plagiarism have been made by The Daily Telegraph against the Australian iteration of Mail Online, despite a legal settlement over alleged copyright infringement between the two publishers last year.

The letter was written by lawyers for News Corp Australia, asking for material the company claimed was plagiarised to be taken down, a written apology and damages.

The accusations relate to a front-page Daily Telegraph story of a diabetic boy in Sydney who died after attending a “slapping therapy” session. Lawyers for News say that text in the first six sentences of both stories is almost identical.

The letter said that attributing reporting to the Telegraph was not enough to justify the verbatim republication of copy.

News took action against Mail Online in June last year, claiming at least 10 stories were copied. Mail Online has since removed them from its website. News Corp would not disclose whether Mail Online had responded to their legal request.

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