builds on Nielsen lead builds on Nielsen lead remains the most read news website in Australia, building its lead on in the Nielsen online ratings for last December., the most viewed metro masthead site in the country, dropped around 170,000 unique views from the month of December from November, while picked up slightly more than 50,000 uniques.

The Herald Sun website leapfrogged Melbourne rival The Age, moving from 8th spot in the ratings into 7th, while The Age fell from 6th to 8th.

Other than, the only websites in the top 10 to see month-on-month growth in uniques were ABC news websites, 9NEWS websites and Yahoo!7 news websites. The largest growth in audience was at 9NEWS websites, which includes and, and which had almost 250,000 more uniques for the month of December.

One big mover in the engagement statistics numbers was The Age, which came in second to in the time spent on site per visitor, with the average visitor viewing the site for 1:31 hours in the month, a 20 minute boost from the previous month.

Top sites by unique audience for news – December 2014

  1. – 3.746m
  2. – 3.306m
  3. ABC news websites – 3.042m
  4. 9NEWS websites – 2.723m
  5. Daily Mail Australia – 2.333m
  6. Yahoo!7 news websites – 2.136m
  7. Herald Sun – 1.890m
  8. The Age – 1.872m
  9. The Guardian – 1.727m
  10. The Daily Telegraph – 1.674m

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