maintains hold on Nielsen top spot maintains hold on Nielsen top spotThe Age rose from 8th spot to 7th. has maintained its hold on the Nielsen Online Ratings for September, but reached fewer audiences compared to the previous month.

In August, the site reached 3.883 million unique browsers, but only 3.613 million in September.

The Age rose in the ratings, going from 8th to 7th, taking the spot from Yahoo7 News Websites.

The other news websites retained their spots on the ratings, with no change from the August results.

Top sites by unique audience for news – September 2015

Name Unique Audience (000)
1. 3,613
2. 3,383
3. ABC News Websites 2,942
4. Daily Mail Australia 2,498
5. ninemsn News Websites 2,298
6. The Guardian 1,895
7. The Age 1,812
8. Yahoo7 News Websites 1,730
9. Herald Sun 1,571
10. BBC 1,565

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