to offer native advertising to offer native advertising

Advertisers can now use storytelling methods to advertise their products on

New storytelling templates, with interactive options and native video, will be created to assist brands in advertising their products.

The new native advertising offering will be targeted, data-driven, and allow for amplification across social media platforms. general manager Julian Delany said there was an expectation for a premium native advertising offering from the market.

“As demand continues to grow, marketers and agencies are looking for smart effective content marketing solutions from large scale publishers like,” he said.

The new model will enable to deliver content solutions through the latest digital capabilities.

“We’ve borrowed from our successful newsroom processes using SEO, data and social insights to provide the best possible ROI rationale to a brand, well before any content goes live,” Mr Delany said.

The offering will come with a “guaranteed view”, which means that each native article will have “agreed page views” across the campaign.

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