Newspaper brands increase efficiencies? Cheers to that

Drinking responsibly has its rewards. Likewise, spending responsibly in targeted newspaper campaigns can deliver dividends, increasing efficiencies for alcohol advertising by up to 68 per cent.

Alcohol retailers spend big in newspapers. Dan Murphy’s, BWS and Liquorland spent a combined $40 million on newspaper advertising in 2016. Dan Murphy’s paid particular attention to the medium, accounting for 90 per cent of the retailer’s total offline ad spend.

News media readers are 15 per cent more likely to be buyers of alcohol compared to non-readers, an impressive figure when combined with news media’s reach to 92 per cent of alcohol retailer customers.

Of the 11.1 million news media readers purchasing alcohol, wine is the most popular type of beverage drawing in 7.5 million purchasers.

Wine indexed highest across the board, with readers 36 per cent more likely to buy wine. Efficiency increases by section, with the business and finance section scoring 68 per cent more likely, food and wine at 67 per cent more likely and sport at 55 per cent more likely.

Beers are the next best performing category, indexing 24 per cent higher than non-news media readers. It best performed with readers of the sport section and business and finance section.

Spirits indexed 7 per cent higher than non-readers.


Men out-purchased women in beer, spirits and cider over the past four weeks. Sixty-seven per cent of beer buyers are men, with 58 per cent buying spirits. Meanwhile, 51 per cent of wine buyers are women. Those over 55 favoured wine over any other alcoholic beverage, with 42 per cent of buyers being part of this demographic.

Each type of alcoholic drink was popular with social grade AB, with this group more likely to purchase compared to total news media readers by at least 10 per cent. Cider was most popular with this group, followed by beer.


Where are they buying?

News media readers are 16 per cent more likely to have bought in store at a bottle shop in the last 4 weeks. Easy purchasing is more appealing, with 28 per cent of readers buying from online, phone or email bottle shops, with readers of the business and finance section 81 per cent more likely to purchase alcohol this way.

Readers of news media are 13 per cent more likely to agree with the statement “I am buying alcohol online more than in a store”, with the number sharply increasing to 56 per cent among business and finance section readers, 40 per cent for food and wine section readers and 30 per cent among sport section readers.


News media readers are also are more likely to purchase while they are out and about, with 43 per cent more likely to purchase at a club (RSL, leagues bowling or AFL) in the last four weeks compared to non-news media readers. Of this group, sports readers show the highest efficiency at 92 per cent more likely, followed by the business and finance section readers at 86 per cent.

Restaurants and cafes are also popular places for news media readers to have purchased alcohol in the past four weeks at 36 per cent more likely. These readers usually stick to the business and finance section (72 per cent more likely) and the food and wine section (71 per cent more likely).


Dan Murphy’s is by far the most popular bottle shop among news media readers, with 4.6 million purchasers shopping at the store at least every 3 months. BWS is the second most popular store, scoring 3.2 million news media readers, followed by Liquorland (2.5 million), Aldi Liquor (1.4 million) and First Choice (1.1 million).

Aldi Liquor is the most popular bottle shop brand among over 55s (+42 per cent) and homeowners (35 per cent), relative to the number of shoppers per retailer. First Choice and BWS appeal to the younger 35 to 54 demographic at +39 per cent and +38 per cent respectively. Women are more likely to purchase at Dan Murphy’s and First Choice, each achieving +60 per cent.


National newspapers the best bet

News media readers are 19 per cent more likely to agree that “Australian wine is better”, with most support in the sport section (+42 per cent) and the business and finance section (+40 per cent). Business and finance and food and wine section readers also fancy themselves as wine connoisseurs with 17 per cent and 14 per cent respectively stating they are often asked about their opinions and knowledge on alcoholic drinks.


National newspaper readers are among the most attractive to alcohol retailers, being more likely to purchase and spend big.

Readers of national newspapers are 28 per cent more likely to have purchased any alcohol in the past 4 weeks compared to community newspaper readers (22 per cent more likely) and digital news media readers (15 per cent more likely). National newspaper readers are the most likely to purchase beer, wine and spirits compared to other news media readers, followed by metro newspaper and community readers.


National newspaper readers are also spending more than other newspaper readers, spending $10 more on red wine, $6 more on white wine and $8 more on spirits/ liquors than total news media readers. Heavy newspaper readers are also more likely to spend big across each of the beverage types.


News media readers are most likely to spend big on spirits and liquors, with business and finance section readers spending $78 dollars compared to the $60 of non news media readers. Education section readers are likely to spend the most on beer, white wine and red wine.


Craft beers are most popular with readers of the education and technology sections, being twice as likely to drink the products compare to total news media readers. The motoring section (+64 per cent more likely) and the business and finance section (+53 per cent more likely) also proved popular with craft beer drinkers.