News to roll out new video platform in Australia

News to roll out new video platform in AustraliaPhoto: Alex Proimos

News Corp has paid a reported $US90 million to acquire social-video advertising platform Unruly, which News Corp Australia chief operating officer Peter Tonagh says will provide another layer of digital advertising services for Australian clients.

Unruly, founded in the UK in 2006, tracks the distribution of video across mobile, desktop and tablet devices. The company also uses historical sharing data to predict the potential for video ads to go viral.

Dow Jones reports that News Corp paid around $US90 million for the video ad tech company over night. The company has 200 workers across 15 offices, including Sydney, London, New York, and Singapore.

Mr Tonagh said Unruly would allow News Corp Australia to reach more users in the digital video advertising space.

“For our advertising and agency partners this means that, over the next few months, we will begin to offer access to Unruly products through our sales teams,” he said.

“This will provide more premium video and mobile inventory than ever before, an even stronger content marketing offering and, ultimately, improved returns for our advertisers.”

The products within Unruly include:

  • ShareRank – technology that informs users how to improve video to be viewed, liked, and shared more often. It also predicts the viral success of videos.
  • In-Feed advertising – a video ad format that that uses Unruly’s ViewPlay technology. The advertisements adapt to news feed formats.
  • In-Page advertising – video advertising across desktop and mobile that appears inside article pages.
  • Skippable in-stream advertising – programmatic offerings within the player.

The Unruly services will complement a range of digital products for advertisers, including News Connect powered by Quantium, MBX and News Corp Studios, launched by News Corp Australia in July.

“In a fragmented world of media, News Corp Australia is leading innovation in video, mobile, data and content integration,” Mr Tonagh said.

“We are the number one company in delivering scale and certainty of audience, and our ability to source, create, distribute and amplify content is streets ahead of anyone else.”

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