News seeks a new online classified partner

News seeks a new online classified partner

A new commercial alliance between News Corp Australia and job listings site Seek marks the beginning of the end for News’ partnership with rival employment site CareerOne.

As part of the non-monetary agreement, News’ digital properties will now link to Seek, replacing the branding of CareerOne.

News sales teams will also now bundle Seek Group listings with every print job listing booked, creating what the company has described as an “unrivalled multi-platform solution for customers”.

News founded CareerOne in 1999 amid the impending migration of classified advertising from print to online, however today the publisher only owns 25 per cent of the site.

The commercial alliance, announced this week, serves as an extension of News’ involvement and relationship with Seek in Asia.

News executive chairman Michael Miller described the Australian partnership with SEEK as a positive step for the company.

“The alliance builds on our aim to become a trusted partner to small and medium sized enterprises,” Mr Miller said in an email circulated to staff.

In a press release, Mr Miller said the two companies combined could reach “the largest and most active pool of job seekers in the country”.

“Research shows that a combined print and digital campaign delivers strong employment advertising return on investment. Now, Australian businesses have the perfect contextual environment to promote their company through leading print and online channels,” Mr Miller said.

“Today’s announcement is part of a broader strategic initiative for News to become the trusted partner to small and medium sized enterprises.

“This partnership with Australia’s number one employment marketplace, together with our investments in, trades and services provider hipages and multi-platform marketing solution NewsXtend, will deliver unique and impactful solutions for our clients.”

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