Newspapers build brands & sales

UK - Schweppes ran newspaper ads supporting the master brand and individual products, resulting in both a short-term and long-term sales effect.

Brand: Schweppes
Category: Drink
Media: National Newspapers
Target Audience: Adults 25+
Media Spend: Newspapers £0.9m
Marketing Objective: To create an ongoing dialogue with consumers and bring to life Schweppes’ point of view on why experience matters in today’s society… with the ultimate aim of attracting new buyers.


Newspapers created an 11.5% increase in sales during the 10 week campaign period.
The use of multiple executions increased sales. The immediate sales effect was significantly higher among those who bought 4 newspapers containing the ads.
Newspaper advertising attracted new buyers, driving an 18% increase in trial during the cartoon campaign. For the total newspaper advertising period, and the 12 weeks post advertising, trial was boosted by 10%.
Newspaper advertising boosted Schweppes’ penetration, the percentage of shoppers buying Schweppes was 12% greater among newspaper buyers exposed to the cartoon campaign.


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