Newspapers still hold higher reader retention rates

Newspapers still hold higher reader retention rates

New research shows 88.5 per cent of time readers spend on national newspaper platforms in Britain is with print, with mobile devices a distant second.

The study by Dr Neil Thurman, of the University of London, showed that only 7 per cent of time was spent on mobile platforms with 4 per cent of time spent on PCs.

The research by Dr Thurman, the first lecturer in electronic publishing at the university, compared the reading habits of consumers across 11 UK national newspaper brands, including The Mail, The Guardian, The Sun and The Mirror.

He used industry data from the UK National Readership Survey for print statistics and from comScore for online figures for the study that was published in the international peer-reviewed journal Journalism Studies.

Dr Thurman believes his research highlights a worldwide trend of preferential print readership.

His study follows the work of researcher H. Iris Chyi, of the University of Texas, who criticised the way newsrooms allocated spending to online editions.

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