Newspapers: the medium Australians turn to

This 2010 government report showcases how newspapers help Australians form their views on issues of national importance and demonstrates that they are a powerful medium for government advertising.

This 40-page report demonstrates that Australian newspapers have a unique positioning in the minds of Australians; they hold newspapers in very high regard as a trustworthy source of information.govt 2010

Specifically, Australians see newspapers as:

  • the most absorbing, dynamic and reputable of any media
  • pivotal in helping the nation form views on issues of importance, thus making it a powerful medium for advertisers.

It also shows how Australian newspapers have:

  • transformed in the digital age
  • remain healthy and continue to be a mass medium
  • offer versatile campaign solutions.

Thirteen newspaper ads for both Federal and State government departments were tested and have been featured in this report, however a significant proportion of its findings and content can be used more broadly to demonstrate how Australian newspapers not only continue to survive, but thrive in the modern media landscape.

Download the PDF of the full the report, along with an accompanying PPT presentation below. For hard copies, please contact us.

If you’d like to know more about how Australian consumers relate to newspapers, download our special audience report, Newspapers Today Part 2: Print & Online.