Newspapers the most trusted medium

Newspapers are the most trusted paid medium in Australia, the latest Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages report finds.

Ads in newspapers are trusted by 58% of Australians, with TV the next most trusted paid medium (54%). The bi-annual report consistently finds newspaper advertising in the top spot among paid media.

The report also finds that editorial content in newspapers (60%) ranks second only to ‘recommendations from people I know’ (84%).tablecropped

Newspaper editorial content is trusted more than  ‘consumer opinions posted online’ (59%), the highest scoring form of earned media.  In both North America and Europe, online consumer opinion ranks above newspaper editorial.  This underlines the esteem in which Australians hold newspapers.

Various forms of online advertising are measured and they rank lowest among paid media. The Nielsen report does not break out advertising in digital newspapers from other forms of online. If it did, a logical expectation would be for the brand values of printed newspapers to transfer to the digital space, where newspapers provide a ‘brand safe’ environment.

The Newspaper Works looked at trust in newspapers in the Local Newspaper Report in 2012, conducted by Brand Navigator.

Trust is a hallmark of regional newspapers, with readers valuing them as a trusted source of information (60%), outscoring local TV (39%) and radio (36%) by a factor of 1.5.

The same is also true in relation to community newspapers. Among readers they score 55% as a source of trusted information, compared to 34% for TV and 31% for radio.

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