Nielsen correction shows strong NZ Herald digital figures

A Nielsen coding error has led to the under-reporting of the New Zealand Herald’s mobile site since July 2013, with the issue recently resolved and correct reporting resuming on April 15.

The latest two weeks of correct reporting on the Herald’s web and mobile traffic reveal strong growth, a pleasing result for the team.

Herald CMO Kursten Shalfoon said the Herald had been heavily investing in digital products and “instinctively knew we were doing better than the numbers said”.

The Herald’s unduplicated reach increased by 6 per cent compared to March 2014, according to Nielsen Netview April 2013-April 2014 (Market Intelligence April 2014).

“After nine months of incorrect reporting it’s great to see our audience accurately represented to the market,” Mr Shalfoon said.

Engagement levels remained solid with average page view duration of 1.13 minutes and more than five minutes per session duration, a figure beating out the Herald’s competitors by 65 per cent.

Nielsen had also over-reported ninemsn’s video streaming figures by more than 50 million views, with numbers dropping from 82 million streams in March this year to 31 milliion in April.

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