Nine site makes charge for top

Nine site makes charge for top

The top-rated site of Fairfax Media,, has been pushed into third position on the list of favourite news destinations by TV network Channel Nine.

Nielsen Ratings for news site performance in September has recorded significant ranking shifts following successive months of record-breaking highs created by major news events, such as the Olympic Games and federal election. retains its top position with a unique audience of 5.5 million and moved to second place with a unique audience of 4.3 million. – the current PANPA News Site of the Year – has a unique audience of 4.1 million, closely followed by ABC News.

Daily Mail Australia and Yahoo7 News remained consistent in the rankings, at 5th and 6th respectively.

The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and The Age all reported a lift in rankings to 7th, 8th and 9th respectively, despite declines in unique audiences. The Herald Sun dropped to 10th. led the time-spent ranking and registered 12 visits per user during the month. Only beat that last metric, claiming 13 visits per user.

As a point of context, if Apple Music were included in this table, it would dominate with a unique audience of 7.55 million. Spotify would be 5th with 3.4 million listeners. Pandora wouldn’t make the list but is growing its audience at 19% month-on-month.

Interactive graph and data sets below

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Name Unique Audience (000) Page Views Per Person Sessions Per Person Time Per Person (hh:mm:ss) 5,540 48  12 01:37:16 4,255 40  13 01:17:49 4,063 26  10 01:02:43
ABC News Websites 4,048 23  9 00:34:44
Daily Mail Australia 2,926 27  11 00:41:27
Yahoo7 News Websites 2,484 14  8 00:15:06
The Guardian 2,272 15  12 00:43:18
The Daily Telegraph 2,197 13  6 00:17:12
The Age 2,152 32  12 01:01:23
Herald Sun 2,151 18  8 00:28:26
Source: Nielsen Digital Ratings (Monthly) – September 2016

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