NZ Herald launches new video ad format

A new video advertising unit designed to engage readers throughout their online experience has been launched by the New Zealand Herald in response to rising video consumption.

Called In-Read videos, the units are displayed within an article and unlike conventional pre-roll videos, they don’t need to be connected to video content to play. The unit can play any length of video, from a 30-second TV commercial to a movie trailer.

Ads begin when half the unit is visible and sound begins when the reader hovers the cursor over the video.

The move is in response to a 30 per cent year-on-year jump in video ad spend in New Zealand.

“Video is a major part of our future,” said APN NZ general manager of digital Spencer Bailey.

“Eighty per cent of internet users can recall watching a video ad in the last 30 days and coupling that with the Herald’s 1.2 million visitors every week, this is a major development for advertisers.”

Donna Gurney, APN agency sales director, said: “We’re excited to bring a new offering to our advertising mix.

“In-Read video has opened the doors to longer format videos to run on the Herald, meaning movie trailers, existing TVC’s and product demonstration videos can sit within our quality and trusted environment.”

In-Read Videos are available from today, Wednesday, May 28.

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