NZME uses kids’ questions to market election coverage

NZME uses kids’ questions to market election coverage

Ahead of the New Zealand election on Saturday, September 23, NZME and NewstalkZB are encouraging Kiwi’s to engage with political issues through common questions asked by children.

The news marketing campaign will focus on topics high on the political and public agenda, including housing, child poverty, conservation and immigration, by framing them through questions from the perspective a child.

It will appear throughout print, digital, radio and outdoor.

“The idea is based on the insight that often out of sheer naivety and innocence, kids can ask the most poignant questions. And if we’re not able to confidently answer them, are we really equipped to make an informed vote?” said NZME’s chief marketing officer Liza McNally.

NZME managing editor Shayne Currie says it is important for voters to stay abreast of current issues.

“We’re already well immersed in one of the most intriguing and absorbing political periods, with no fewer than three political leaders stepping down in the past month.

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