PANPA Print Specifications

The PANPA Print Specifications document underpins the technical settings of many print presses in Australia and New Zealand.

It was created by the newspaper publishers to deliver technical continuity across the newspaper industry.

First published in 2004/05, this document is regularly reviewed.

PANPA (Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Association) merged in 2012 with The Newspaper Works, which continues to conduct much of the work of PANPA. It supports and endorses industry standards and as such, changes have been made to reflect the revision of the newspaper printing standard ISO 12647 – 3 and the advancement of processes and technology used to produce newspapers.

These specifications are designed for the exchange of information, and to provide background information on standards, and to communicate guidelines for:

  • Designers
  • Print Production Managers
  • Advertisers and Advertising Agencies
  • Pre-Press and Print Professionals
  • Colour Management Experts and Consultants
  • Services Bureaus and Trade Houses
  • Publishers
  • Marketing Professionals and Bodies
  • Commercial Newspaper Printers
  • Materials Suppliers to the Coldest Newspaper Industry

You may download the PDF, which is more than 170 pages, or access the digital documentation here.


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