PODCAST: Agency CEO with a client’s perspective: Mark Lollback, of GroupM

PODCAST: Agency CEO with a client’s perspective: Mark Lollback, of GroupM

The head of Australia’s largest media agency, Mark Lollback, chats about disruption, the evolution of ROI, social media ad metrics, and the future of “misunderstood media channels” in this episode of Press Play.

Mr Lollback joined GroupM as CEO earlier this year after holding a number of CMO roles at Pepsico, ANZ Banking Group and, most recently, McDonald’s.

He describes himself as “the client CEO” and says his past jobs have taught him that agencies need to understand their clients’ commercial challenges.

“We probably don’t understand as much on (the agency side) of the pressures that CMOs are under today,” Mr Lollback says.

“They would spend 5 per cent of their life on media. The rest of their life is managing stakeholders, managing teams, managing innovation . . . and we need to appreciate that.”

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Mr Lollback is an advocate for strong measurement standards, particularly around social media platforms such as Facebook, which was recently found to be inflating its video viewership metrics.

“We should have very, very high standards and we should be looking at that standard through the eyes of what would be acceptable to a client, not to Google or Facebook, or GroupM,” he said.

Mr Lollback believes there is a level of misrepresentation and noise around the decline of certain channels.

“Every channel to me has the right role to play at some point in the marketing mix depending on who we want to talk to and what do we need to say.”


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