Poll shows almost 50 per cent oppose NZME-Fairfax merger

Poll shows almost 50 per cent oppose NZME-Fairfax merger

Almost half of New Zealanders are opposed to the proposed merger of NZME and Fairfax Media NZ – the two largest media companies in the country.

Of those surveyed in the self-commissioned HorizonPoll, 43.6 per cent of people were strongly opposed or somewhat opposed to the proposed merger. Only 14.7 per cent of people surveyed showed any level of support, while 41 per cent were either indifferent on unsure

More than half of 1000 people surveyed believed the merger would mean too few people would control the news that is reported. Less than 5 per cent said they would feel better served if the merger were to go ahead.

The Commerce Commission issued competition concerns over the proposed merger last year and is conducting a review.

The overwhelming majority of submissions to the review by publishers, broadcasters and industry figures opposed the mergers because of worries over a reduction of independent views, the establishment of a near monopoly and job losses.

Of the 27 received, 25 were against the proposal or said it was not in the public interest, and two outlined conditions that should be enacted if the proposal was approved.

The commission will rule on the merger by March 15.

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