Praise Salad Dressing

This newspaper ad is a good example of a food product demonstrating relevance and extending usage opportunities.

Key findingsPraise Salad Dressing

This ad has achieved very strong and positive results for Creative Diagnostics, doing very well against statements such as:

  • Has a great photo/image
  • Looks good

Significant results were achieved for 3 out of 6 RoleMap definitions:

  • Affinity
  • Re-appraisal
  • Call to Action

The performance of the ad was strengthened by strong results on ActionMap, achieving scores significantly over the average for:

  • Buy / Try
  • Visit Store / Look Out For
  • Cut out and keep

Overall, the recipe strategy has achieved excellent results for Praise, and this is reflected in the positive verbatims and message comprehension.

Download full results in the document below.