Press continues to deliver – Shredded Wheat

UK - See how newspapers attracted less price sensitive customers, and drive brand engagement and consideration for Shredded Wheat cereal.

Brand: Shredded Wheat
Campaign age: Second year
Category: Food
Media: National Newspapers and TV
Target Audience: Adults 35-70, regular cereal buyers
Media Spend: Newspapers 0.5m; TV 1.2m
Marketing Objective: Become recognised as the health leader within the cereals category

Role of newspapers

As a trusted medium, newspapers offer the ideal environment to effectively communicate health related messages to a mass audience. By adding newspapers to TV, Shredded Wheat connected with less price sensitive customers to drive brand engagement and consideration.

Shredded wheat landscape article


  • Newspapers generated 5.1% immediate sales uplift; 5.1% post-campaign increase
  • % sales uplift in 2008 exceeded 2006 campaign despite reduced ad size and campaign spend
  • Product trial boosted by 18%
  • Introduction of less price-sensitive customers
  • Delivered 4% halo effect on wider brand
  • The addition of newspapers made the TV advertising more effective across all diagnostic and engagement measures.
  • Seeing newspapers boosted TV ad enjoyment by 8% points, TV ad communication by 5% points and TV ad response by 12% points
  • Multiple newspaper executions increased emotional brand values by 30% and call to action by 37% in addition to TV

The test campaign consisted of national newspapers and TV running between May and August 2008.

Download the full case study below or visit the Newspaper Marketing Agency UK for more information about research methodology.


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