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UK - How did newspapers continue to drive brand consideration, web traffic and emotional engagement for Toyota Yaris?

Brand: Toyota Yaris
Category: Automotive
Media: National Newspapers and TV
Target Audience: ABC1 Adults aged 25-44
Media Spend: National newspapers £0.8m; TV £4.1m; Online newspapers £0.1m
Marketing Objective: Drive emotional appeal among younger drivers

Role of newspapers

The 2007 Toyota Yaris test aimed to build on the 2006 study, which showed that TV plus national newspapers were the perfect brand building partnership. Whereas many newspaper campaigns are short-lived and tactical, brand advertising in TV and newspapers – both paper and online formats – delivers a strong emotional and rational brand impact.

Yaris 2008 article


  • Just 2 years after launch, half the target audience put Toyota Yaris on their consideration list. For those seeing TV plus newspapers plus online newspapers, consideration rose to 72%, versus 39% for TV solus
  • Increase in brand commitment* 6+ times higher for TV plus newspapers, versus TV alone
  • Newspapers drove 32% increase in web traffic to Toyota Yaris microsite, with online newspapers responsible for 22% increase
  • TV plus newspapers drove significant brand image shifts – particularly emotional perceptions
  • Multiple newspaper and online newspaper executions doubled emotional brand values and improved call to action by 165%, compared with TV solus

The test campaign consisted of national newspapers (print and online) and TV in July-September 2007.

Download the full case study below of visit the Newspaper Marketing Agency UK for more information about research methodology.


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