Print cuts likely in Fairfax Nelson restructure

Print cuts likely in Fairfax Nelson restructurePhoto: Facebook

Fairfax Media NZ is set to change its publishing structure in the Nelson region, on the South Island, as the company moves towards a more sustainable model in the area by reducing print editions and supplementing it with digital offerings

The publisher is currently appealing to readers, advertisers and staff to provide feedback to ensure that changes reflect the needs of the community.

The restructure is Fairfax NZ’s second this year, with neighbouring Marlborough the first. The company has suggested it will implement a similar model to the Nelson Mail, reducing the instances of print per week but introducing an email newsletter as well as enhanced digital coverage.

Fairfax Media group executive editor Sinead Boucher said: “We have been very open about the need for change in our business model. The change we believe needs to happen reflects the modern ways people are choosing to get their news – and the need for better and more targeted ways for advertisers to reach our audiences.”

The announcement of the change follows the rejection of the merger between NZME and Fairfax NZ and a proposal from private equity firms TPG Capital and Hellman & Friedman to purchase the Australian and New Zealand business.

A spokesperson for Fairfax Media said that the plan to restructure the region predates the buyout proposal.

NZME did not wish to comment on any business changes they are considering, post merger.

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  1. Cut the days, lose the customers even faster. Move to early morning and put all fairfax products in one vehicle in each zoned area (Richmond/Stoke etc) If you cant fill the paper up, cut the price back

    Biggest mistake was bringing in adult contractors replacing the kids for what benefit, customers walked. gst went up 5 % but the paper went up 25 cents soon to 30 cents more. more walked

    Losing property press, more walked and throw manillas issues in there , they just kept walking and the price continued to climb as they paper got smaller, now it is where its at now. Its time to reboot, talk to the good contractors who have great relationships with their customers and find a way to get back on top.

    It can be down. If not, merge it with the press but give away a great paper in the process. press numbers are not much in nelson.

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