82pc say print is tops

Print readership remains strong as 82% of the population aged 14+ pick up a national, metro or local newspaper each month.

Print Still Dominant

National and metropolitan readership remains strong with a monthly average of 9.1 million readers picking up a copy.

Local newspaper readership remains steady, too. Some 3 million read a regional newspaper at least once a month – that’s 40 percent of the population in regional Australia. Community newspapers continue to enjoy incredible reach, connecting with 4.8 million city dwellers.

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  1. Do you have the breakdown for weekly readership rather than monthly? The data shown on this chart ropes in a lot of people who might glance through a printed paper once a month. That’s not what I’d regard as a committed readership. A comparison of weekly readerships would come closer to reality, given that many regional papers are weeklies.

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