Public Agenda

The Public Agenda strategic role raises an important issue or cause.

Public Agenda advertising is designed to raise the profile of a brand, issue or cause or to leverage a topic that’s already being publicly debated.100610_11061796_2010 Public Agenda article main RH image1

Public Agenda advertising can be anything from brand ethics and corporate strategy to environmental and charity causes.  Or as a means of having your say on a topic you either want to put on the agenda, or one you wish to say something about.

How consumers respond

Public Agenda advertising sparks readers’ feelings, provokes reactions and thoughts, as well as stimulates debate.

The four newspaper ads below have all performed significantly above the All Newspaper Norm in the Public Agenda strategic role.

Service-based companies, untilities, government departments and charity organisations have long recognised the power of newspapers as an environment to communicate an initiative or social issue.  TAC (Vic Govt)  or STIs (NSW Health) below, use the unique combination of topicality, detail and credibility of newspapers to get their messages on the agenda.

However getting issues on the public agenda is not the exclusive preserve of such major institutions.  Regular brands with something to say can also use newspapers to get their own issues on the public agenda, as these ads from Pedigree (Adopt a Dog) and Flora Pro-Activ (cholesterol lowering) demonstrate.  Once again, both perform significantly above the All Newspaper Norm in the process.

2010 CB Public Agenda article image

Why put it in a newspaper?

Newspapers set the agenda for the day.  As content creators, newspapers can often make the news as well as break the news.  Therefore the unique side-by-side quality of editorial and advertising provides fertile ground for advertising messages to stick with readers, in a context that’s most meaningful to them.

Learn more about Role Map, one of The Newspaper Works’ proprietary measures.

Download the Powerpoint presentation below on the strategic role of Public Agenda, including Role Map measures for the newspaper ads referenced in this article.

Case Studies

Like to know how other advertisers have applied this strategic role to newspaper advertising? View the case studies below.

Haagen-Dazs (US): See how this ice cream maker used a Public Agenda campaign to not only save the honey bees, but their brand as well.

The Climate Institute (AU): Public Agenda newspaper ads helped make climate change a key election issue amongst voters in the 2007 Federal Election.