Qantas “Back to Schedule”

This newspaper ad from Qantas performed strongly against few of the six strategic roles.

Key findingsQantas "Back to Schedule"

Qantas developed this ad as a statement of strength, that came at the end of a long and bitter period of industrial upheaval.

Respondents agreed the ad ‘looks good’ and ‘highlights an important feature’, which was also reflected in verbatims such as ‘Inspiring’ and ‘refined’.

Using iconic imagery (the red kangaroo flying over an unmistakably Australian landscape) they were able to generate high RoleMap scores across the board, delivering strong results for Information and Re-appraisal, with a particular emphasis on the importance of the issue to the Public Agenda

When comparing the Public Agenda results that dominate the results for this ad, versus the Affinity and Reappraisal led results generated for a recent Virgin Australia ad (see comparisons), it demonstrates that respondents have very strong feelings attached to Qantas as ‘Australia’s Airline’ that go beyond that of a competing brand in the marketplace.

Download full results in the document below.