The (Re)Appraisal role encourages people to think differently about a brand, store, issue or cause.

(Re)Appraisal advertising surprises and challenges people by presenting the brand or an issue in an unexpected way. As a result, it provokes a rethink.

(Re)Appraisal advertising can be an announcement ad, brand launch or relaunch, or advertising that takes a new angle on an existing brand.

How consumers respond

(Re)Appraisal ads increase a brand’s salience by challenging consumers’ existing notions and forcing them to consider the brand in a new light.

For example, Woolworths Home Brand and Colgate tell their familiar stories in different and interesting ways, and in doing so significantly outperform the All Newspaper Norm in the process.

On the other hand, Coles takes a fresh approach to encouraging a rethink about its brand by educating and providing practical meal solutions during the economic downturn.  Aussie Apples positions the humble apple as a super food with its lesser known benefits. Both ads are effective in introducing new ideas and understanding  for their respective products and categories, and also perform much better than the average newspaper ad in the strategic role of ReAppraisal.

Why put it in a newspaper?

Newspapers are the news medium, so it follows that they are the right place for news creation around your brand.  (Re)Appraisal ads can sometimes generate ‘talkability’ and that’s what newspapers do well.

And because people value their time reading, newspapers provide both the timeframe and disposition required for (Re)Appraisal.

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Download the presentation below on the strategic role of (Re)Appraisal, including Role Map measures for the three newspaper ads featured in this article.

Case Studies

Like to know how other advertisers have applied this strategic role to newspaper advertising? View the case studies below.

Ford G-Series (AU): This (Re)Appraisal campaign successfully shifted consumer perceptions of a vehicle that they previously considered irrelevant to their needs.

Capital One Banking (UK): This banking institution utilised the strategic role of (Re)Appraisal in a series of creative newspaper ads and got consumers to actively consider them above their competitors.

Bitesize Shredded Wheat (UK): Newspapers changed the perceptions of this cereal brand, encouraging women to choose Bitesize Shredded Wheat to keep an eye on their weight.