Regional readers trust local print, television

Regional readers trust local print, television

Australians living in rural and regional areas deem local print newspapers and commercial television as their most trusted source of news, according to an Australian Communications and Media Authority report.

The report titled, Local content in regional Australia, surveyed 2500 people and found that regional Australians “use, prefer and trust commercial free-to-air TV and local print newspapers as a source of local news more than any other media”.

Commercial television (21 per cent), closely followed by local print newspapers (19 per cent) were found to be the most trusted sources of local news, compared to local ABC radio (15 per cent), websites (9 per cent) and social media (4 per cent).

Regional Australians aged 18 to 24 were significantly more likely to use websites to access local weather, social media to access information about local community events and trust social media as a source of local news.

The regional market has always been strong for print media. A ‘Think Local’ study, commissioned by NewsMediaWorks, found that newspapers have the highest engagement and concentration rate than any other news media products, at 55 and 36 per cent respectively.

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