Research into long copy

Research shows that long copy ads are a creative opportunity to engage with audiences.

After a conversation with an automotive marketer who lamented he could no longer do long copy ads because they couldn’t get through qualitative pre-testing, the chief executive of The Newspaper Works, Tony Hale challenged the assumption by applying creative benchmarking research (formulated in conjunction with Ipsos Media CT), which shows how advertising works in the newspaper medium.

The Newspaper Works crunched the numbers on long copy ads that have appeared in newspapers since 2009 for MLA Red MeatNescafe, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and, more recently, NAB’s “break-up” campaign.

The key take-out shows that if the copy is relevant and interesting, people will read. Tone also plays a crucial role in deepening engagement, facilitating understanding and message take-out.

Hale made another good point. Because long copy ads are not in vogue with creatives and advertisers, when one does get through, it’s so rare they get attention by default. “Everyone is so intent on using short sound-bites, long copy ads can stand out by doing the opposite,” he says.

Download the presentation below for the full research.TAC mothers day long copy article


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