Retail Report 2011

The 2011 Retail Report reveals range of action behaviours that newspapers drive.

Advertisements for Woolworths, Kmart and ALDI are some of the top performing retail ads in newspapers in terms of their Call to Action to consumers.

The report, entitled “For a Retail Call to Action, Call on Newspapers”, was conducted by research company Ipsos MediaCT, which has tested more than 350 retail ads in newspapers, with more than 35,000 advertising observations from over 11,000 respondents.

The report also utilises a new proprietary research measurement tool called Action Map™, which was developed against a backdrop of changing consumer behaviour that has seen the “path to purchase” becoming broader and more varied than ever before.

The new measure identifies key forms of action consumers are likely to take as a result of seeing a newspaper ad, and where newspapers fit into the consumer “path to purchase”.

The report also highlights the different ways newspapers deliver for retailers including:

  • Retail ads that performed best on brand building metrics were Myer and Kmart
  • Public agenda ads can build retail brands, with the ALDI “Saving the planet won’t cost you the earth” ad having a positive impact on its brand equity, as well as a strong Call to Action
  • Successful retailers review and evolve their creative to optimise performance in newspapers
  • Small space ads for Air Asia, State Solar and Woolworths demonstrate that ‘broken space’ ads can also perform strongly in connecting with consumers

The report also lists the top performing ads for each of the Action Map measures including Affinity (Coles), Reappraisal (Kmart), Information (Coles), Call to Action (Coles), Public Agenda (ALDI) and Extension (Woolworths).

Download a PDF of the report below.

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