This press ad from Santos did well on brand re-appraisal Public Agenda, but could have performed better on other engagement scores.

Key findingsSantos

All five of the Resources sector ads we tested did well at achieving strong Affinity scores and driving Re-appraisal. As we would expect, they also spoke strongly to the Public Agenda.

  • The ad for Santos has achieved significantly high scores at driving familiarity and understanding, although creatively, it is not grabbing attention as easily as some ads from similar advertisers; e.g. The Shell ad was considered attractive and attention grabbing and verbatims referred to the use of colour etc. as being a strong positive.
  • While some respondents found the imagery difficult to relate to and therefore find the desire to read the ad, for those that did read the ad, message comprehension was relatively high.
  • The ad lagged somewhat on being ‘Convincing’ and ‘Believable’ which may relate to the broader media debate.
  • This ad has done a good job at delivering brand re-appraisal and positioning itself with the Public Agenda, however there is room for improvement to generate greater levels of attention and likeability for the advertising.

Download full results in the document below.