Sex, family and friends most important to women’s happiness

Women are happiest for a sustained period of time across their 30s, according to data released by audience insight survey emma [Enhanced Media Metrics Australia].

Characteristics such as love life, friends and family, health, money and sense of freedom were mapped out across a woman’s lifespan to find their level of “happiness”, which was revealed to peak between the ages of 31 and 37.

The study revealed a woman’s love life was the most influential factor in her happiness, closely followed by her family and friends, The Newspaper Works strategic consultant Rob Pyne said.

“We’ve taken a behavioral approach to what drives happiness, however there is a difference between things that make you happy and things you think will make you happy,” Mr Pyne said.

“For example, when spending money, we actually gain more happiness from spending it on others, giving it to charity, or spending it on experiences, than we do on buying material goods.”

Mr Pyne said marketers can use these tools to better their reach with consumers.

“Marketing often tries to imply a direct link between purchasing material goods and your future happiness,” Mr Pyne said.

“Perhaps we can all embrace more subtle ways of showcasing the best our brands can offer you to empower you to achieve your own personal satisfaction.”

The emma data also revealed the popularity of branded newspaper sections, and how they divided along the gender line.

Mr Pyne said certain genres of newspaper sections were more likely to have a better reach to female consumers.

“The ability to advertise around content on life, relationships, freedom/travel, family – provide fantastic opportunities to connect with women about the things that really make them happy,” Mr Pyne said.

“With between 65 per cent to 80 per cent of women reading more than half the newspaper content, it’s a high engagement environment to start a conversation with women.”

To view the full results of the study, click here.

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