Sheffield gains digital promotion

Sheffield gains digital promotion

A new position to steer corporate digital strategy at News Corp Australia has been given to its magazine boss, Nicole Sheffield.

Focus of the role will be to identify revenue opportunities and deliver business strategies aligned to News Corp’s existing network of digital properties.

Ms Sheffield, who becomes managing director of a new business unit called News Digital Networks Australia (News DNA), said: “It is imperative News is at the forefront of the digital content economy.”

She is already in charge of News’s biggest digital successes, and, as the CEO of NewsLifeMedia, the magazine-focused division within News Corp.

“In four-and-a-half years with NewsLifeMedia, we have driven incredible digital growth and to expand this opportunity across all of News Corp Australia is really exciting,” said Ms Sheffield.

News Corp Australasia’s executive chairman Michael Miller said: “We are the largest digital content publisher in Australia with category leading websites, but with the continued rapid evolution of information technology and new ways of meeting consumer needs, News needs to have a senior executive with oversight of our total digital commercial strategy.

“News DNA will offer to the market a single point of contact for our commercial partners to connect with the audience groups they choose with a consistency of service and products and therefore, results.”

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